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Frequently Asked Questions

Hey! Where can I get the real inside info on this event?
From the FAQ's below, and the essential guide on this page.

What's the weather like?
Daytimes are usually sunny, and temperatures are typically in the 80's to 90's (27-32 C.) Nightime temps can range from 70's to 50's, but can also occasionally drop to the low 40's.

Is it likely to rain?
As far as Oregon's liquid sunshine goes, it is extremely rare in this area, but it is rarely cold nor will it last long, so a light rain slicker is all you need. Most of us just ignore the light rains we get. 

What clothes should I bring?
Bring your summer coolest for those hot days (80s to high 90s), something a bit warmer for the cooler (typically mid 70s to high 60s) evenings, and something even warmer for the occasional chilly night. By all means, bring fun clothes to dress up in, dance in, party in, be COMFORTABLE in, spend some time in, or not!

I see that you value transparency and radical honesty. Do I have to tell everyone everything?
Transparency and radically honest communication means being open to verbalize anything that is in your heart, including the parts that you are most reluctant to verbalize. And radical honesty comes under a higher rule, namely, being at choice. So we support you being at choice as to whether you want to be a little honest, radically honest, or not honest at all. At the same time, we suggest that you be aware that radical honesty is one of our core values.

I heard from a friend, who hasn't actually ever been to camp, that the camp is called a "sex camp." Is this just a rumor? Is everyone having sex with everyone else all the time? What can I expect?
The primary workshops and exercises offered at camp are entirely non-sexual. And you will find that the degree of sexual interest at camp runs a full spectrum. For many of us, sex isn't that big of an attraction. And for some of us, sexual exploration is a natural consequence of an environment where intimate heart-centered connections are encouraged and supported.

If any attendee chooses to think sexy thoughts or engage in sexy activities (alone or with others), we have no rule against this. Neither are many attendees likely to have much cultural programming against this. In this way we are somewhat unique. We are also unique in the emphasis we place on safety, mutual respect, kindness, nurturing, compassion, intimacy, transparency, radical honesty, choice, non-violence, equality, acceptance, active listening, and community building.

We do ask that campers confine their sexual activity to the privacy of their own tents. Occasionally there are also guided safer-sex oriented activities like sensual and erotic touch, Tantric exercises, etc., scheduled at night in a secluded location onsite (Aphrodite's Temple). These events are entirely optional. One could easily choose not to go (many campers don't attend) and still enjoy a full and rewarding camp experience.

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